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Mediation to Switzerland – gorgeous landscapes, a friendly working atmosphere and low tax rates

Switzerland has much to offer: It does not only assure workplace security, but also existential safety in all-day life. You do not necessarily have to lock down your house or car every time or to worry about your wife or girlfriend when she is out alone at night-time.
All of this allows a certain level of calmness as high as it can be rarely found in any other land in Europe.

Not for nothing do many German doctors settle in Switzerland.

However, only Swiss recruiting agents are allowed to mediate to or within Switzerland. We have been settling in Switzerland since May 2015 and are thus officially a Swiss recruiter.

There are approximately 283 hospitals in Switzerland, 40% of them are general-care-oriented and around 60% are specialized clinics and birthing centres (status 2016). With a population of around 8.4 million people, Switzerland has proportionally a more than average amount of hospitals available. By comparison, the Netherlands has a population of around 17 million and only roughly 120 hospitals.

This also reflects somewhat the Swiss general attitude about medical care. Hospitals are extremely patient-oriented. Excellent medical treatment and satisfied patients always come first. In fact, the patient is viewed less as a patient and much more as a client in Switzerland. He does not stand beneath the doctor but on an equal footing to them. Also the general condition of equipment and refurbishment is highly cared about.

It is also striking that there are rather small hospitals in Switzerland. This is by no means considered as a disadvantage. It can be rather stated that in Switzerland, both in health care and in many other aspects of life, quality comes before quantity. How else can it be explained that so many Swiss hospitals are harbouring such a great amount of foreign, wealthy customers, for no other reason than the fact that they have already a long time ago recognized and appreciated this potential.

For this very reason, your general appearance also plays a significant role. Many of my clients who are looking for employment in Switzerland notice at some point that here, the external appearance is considered as much important as the medical expertise.

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The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health also provides all the important information you may need to have your foreign medical degrees recognized in Switzerland. Please find the link hereunder:


In order to get your license to practice medicine in Switzerland you need a C1 German language diploma (Goethe). Please be aware that you will only receive an invitation to a job interview if you possess such a diploma.


Junior Consultant                               ~ CH 150.000 up to 200.000

Senior Consultant                              ~ CH 250.000 up to 300.000

Leading Senior Consultant                ~ CH 300.00 up to 350.000

Head of Department             ~ CH 500.000 or higher

The average tax rate is around 20% and depends on the province.