Schweiz im Winter



You have been invited for an interview by a clinic or hospital? Congratulations!

Here is a recommendation from our side, which we strongly advise you to follow! You will soon notice that Switzerland has a high standard of living.

The average annual income in Switzerland is around CHF 80,000.

For comparison: the average annual income in Germany is approximately € 40,000.

In addition, great importance is laid on cleanliness and aesthetics, especially with doctors!

You are expected not only to have excellent professional expertise and a pleasant personality, but also to have the right external appearance.

You represent the clinic or hospital in which you work – in every form.

Of course, there is no need to exaggerate. Nevertheless, both your superiors and your patients expect a clean, well-groomed and, above all, modern appearance. That is why we advise our doctor-clients to pay close attention to this during interviews and hospitations. Unfortunately, we have already experienced several times that doctor-clients were rejected by chief physicians because they did not fit into the hospital image! The cumulative requirements are:

  • Wear as new, fresh, modern clothing in harmonious colors. We recommend a dark blue suit for men and a dark blue costume for women and a light-blue shirt.
  • Clothing and shoes do not have to be expensive, but new and fashionable.
  • Avoid prints completely. Wear plain clothing.
  • We strongly advise men to wear a tie.
  • Women can wear shoes with a small heel (max. 7 cm, not higher). However, this is not mandatory!
  • Make sure to refresh your haircut beforehand.
  • If you should hospitate for several days, please bring enough changing clothes with you.