We build up bridges between

people and countries.

Fantastic landscape, friendly working and tax climate:



We accompany you on your way to new shores – tailor-made and sustainable.

The bridge as a structure is a perfect illustration of the services that MedHunterEurope offers you. As a personnel placement agency we are specialized in the placement and accompaniment of assistants, specialists, senior physicians and chief physicians within Germany and Switzerland. Because we were – or still are – living, working or even self-employed in both countries, we know each and every one of these labour markets. Good local contacts ensure that we know both supply and demand and enable us to support you in your transition to the desired working environment.

At the same time, the bridge is also the perfect symbol for the demands we make on ourselves and our daily work. As a progressive structure, the bridge replaces the ferryman and allows people to break new ground reliably and independently of others. It is created with high precision and represents a permanent and sustainable connection that can be trusted at any time. All these requirements and characteristics – a tailor-made profile, permanent, close contact and mutual trust – are always the basis of our mediation work. This is the only way we can place you in a working environment that, in addition to your medical qualifications, also perfectly fits your personality – because, as with every interpersonal relationship, the same applies to the professional field: not only qualifications, but above all the chemistry must be good.

MedHunterEurope supports you in your individual path.

No matter whether you simply want to change your working environment, improve it, or completely redefine your career. Whether you want to return to your hometown or leave your home. Whether you want to move from the countryside to the big city or from the big city to the countryside. Or whether Germany, another federal state, or the foreign country attracts you the most. All these points have a common ground: you want to open up a new world for yourself. An environment that offers you more perspectives than your current one. An environment in which you can not only use your knowledge and skills, but also develop them. Whatever your reason, we will be happy to help you find a position in a new working environment that matches your expertise and personality.

Wishes are the most notable bridge builders and the bravest of the walkers.

Elfriede Hablé